Video: Commencement in their own words – the Fall 2023 video

Hear from the newest graduating class of fearless dreamers and resilient problem-solvers! UW-Green Bay graduates and their families celebrate the 2023 Fall Commencement on Saturday, December 16, 2023, in two ceremonies at the Weidner Center, located on the UW-Green Bay campus. Graduates share their academic experience and future goals. Go Phoenix!

Transcript: Graduating from UW-Green Bay has meant a lot to me. I’ve always kind of wanted to go here. I’m from Manitowoc, so I started off at the Manitowoc campus and it was always you know the goal to come up to Green Bay once I got to my higher-level electives. This is you know the smaller classrooms here you really feel connected to your professors and just the environment all over campus is welcoming and fun. I’ve dreamed of graduation since I was in elementary school so, it’s super exciting for me to be able to graduate from UWGB. So, it’s just a really cool experience. I did my bachelor’s at UWGB and I finished my masters here. And I just love the school, the community, it’s close to home, you can do classes online and the instructors are just amazing. I’ve never, I’ it’s just been so supportive and I’m glad to graduate from UWGB. I am first-gen and I have two kids. I had my first really young and life kind of felt like it was going to end. But here I am, you know, beating all the stereotypes. And yeah, I’m just really excited to graduate. Prove everybody wrong who thought I couldn’t do it. For me, I always thought I was just going to be like a lifelong military person but um I was ended up discharged after 4 years. And so, I needed to kind of make my own path and that path led here. And it feels great to be graduating. I’m very excited. I’m from Vietnam and I’m graduating from uh the Master of Science Management program. The staff here, the professors, the faculty here support me all the way so, it means a lot to me. Very exciting, my dad is all the way here so, yeah. As a first gen generation student of my family, it feels, it feels great. You know this is a big accomplishment for me and you know having my family along the way to support me is is exceptional. I can’t say anything better than that and what UW-Green Bay has provided me is is above and beyond. It’s kind of surreal. I mean I’ve been in school since kindergarten so, this is just kind of wild, yeah. Having the opportunity to do this online has been huge because the fact that I’ve been able to do it on my own terms, working full-time, being a parent, and just like choosing UWGB has probably been one of the best decisions for education that I’ve ever made. I work for Delta Airlines, so my goal is to work my way up into the company and just see what other opportunities are out there. I am extremely excited about my future. In the fall, I will be going to chiropractic school in Minnesota at Northwestern Health Science University. I’m working at Capital Credit Union as a marketing specialist, so I will be going full-time on January 2nd. My next goal is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, so I’ll be attending Bellin this next year. Go Phoenix!

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