Video: Jazz Fest 52 is Saturday, March 26

The Weidner Center for the Performing Arts and UW-Green Bay Music are pleased to welcome world-renowned saxophonist Joe Lovano to headline Jazz Fest 52 at the Weidner Center on Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale now through Ticket Star

Jazz Fest 52 Transcript: So, for Jazz Fest 52, were back in person and Jazz Fest 51 we were online. We did what we had to with the pandemic going. We showed a lot of grit and resilience with our students who kept working, doing things, and making things happen. But it’s so good to be back in person now. We worked really hard to put on a good show. So, Jazz Fest 52 is a two-day event. Starting on March 25th there going to be a concert with UW-Green Bay Jazz Ensemble 1, featuring Joe Lovano, our guest for the weekend. Then on the 26th, all day long, we have high school bands performing and working with the judicators all day. And then the big headline concert is on the 26th that night and it features the Green Bay Jazz Orchestra supporting our guest Joe Lovano, the tenor saxophone player. So, Joe Lovano, you know, born in Cleveland but grew up really as a New Yorker, is known these days as a New Yorker and were extremely lucky to have. He is really one of the best tenor saxophone players in the world. He’s really the top of the top, he’s incredible. Enso, if you look around you’ll see that Joe’s not making a lot of trips to the Midwest. So, it’s a big deal for us to be able to get Joe to come out to Green Bay and to play with us. Green Bay, Wisconsin has a lot to offer a lot of people and there’s some incredible musicians in this community of all levels. And not enough people know the great music that we can create because they don’t give jazz a chance, sometimes. So, I want people who think maybe their interested in jazz but don’t know a lot about it to come out to this concert on the 26th because they’re going to love it. And then they’re going to come away actually knowing more about jazz than they did when they came in the first place. And were going to make Green Bay a destination for jazz in this country.

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