“UW-Green Bay feels like home” View the video from Justice Saxby, current student in Environmental Science and Geoscience

UW-Green Bay’s Justice Saxby, considers UW-Green Bay her “home.” As a double major in Environmental Science and Geoscience, Justice loves the park-like arboretum on campus, ‘eco-friendly’ attitude and how much she loves that her professors know her by name. Watch her full video below!

Transcription: UWGB to me feels like home. It’s a very personal learning experience and walking in the halls all my professors know my name and I feel like that’s something you can’t get anywhere else. I chose the University of Green Bay for my Environmental Science and Geoscience majors because of the environmental aspects. The arboretum and eco-friendly practices really drew me in. What I enjoy most about my Environmental Science program is being surrounded by like-minded people like me in the small classes and being able to have one-on-one conversations with my professors. When I tell my friends I’m going home, they’re like Kewaunee, I’m like no my dorm!

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