Marathoner cleans up with anti-litter kick

Eco-RunnerSamuel Huber, a 2003 graduate of UW-Green Bay, is an accomplished distance runner and a dedicated environmentalist. Combining both, he’s the creator and founder of Eco-Runner, a new movement dedicated to running, fitness, and environmental sustainability.

Eco-runnerHe recently made some important allies with the non-profit Keep California Beautiful organization and the 2008 Carlsbad Marathon in Carlsbad, California, which agreed to embrace an Eco-Runner theme. The event attracted some 10,000 runners, and many helped pick up litter along the way. Huber led the course cleanup corps, running the 26 miles in 3 hours and 37 minutes while filling 28 bags of trash between way stations! Huber studied environmental policy and planning at UW-Green Bay. He is an elementary grade school teacher in the Milwaukee School District. His Eco-Runner Kids website promotes physical fitness, environmental awareness, and green living habits as part of regular classroom curriculum. Huber’s Eco-Runner site — he’s the web designer and primary author — can be found at and there’s a blog at