Video: What are the True Colors of UW-Green Bay?

True colors show in times of darkness… when we’re on the edge of the unknown.

What are the true colors of UW-Green Bay—and what do they look like now?

If colors have character, we would describe ourselves as




It’s time to show the world who we are, what we’re made of and where we’re going.
We know that education prepares us, but it also heals and helps rebuild our community.

Become comfortable being uncomfortable, and ask the hard questions.

Will you teach everyone who wants to learn not just with words and ideas—but with action?

Will you fight with, and for, the student who has had to struggle? To see us and our potential?

Will you help students stay the course, and make sure investing in ourselves is the very best investment we can make?

Even if the path to get there is unknown, allow your true colors to shine through.

Together as Phoenix. Let’s light a fire.

And Rise.

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