Video: Student Mask Information & Distribution

Greetings Phoenix family. Safety is our top priority this fall and that is why all individuals must wear a face covering once inside any UW-Green Bay campus building, which includes the concourse system. The University provides two free cloth facemasks for every student. On the Green Bay Campus, students can pick up their free masks at the University Ticketing and Information Center (UTIC) in the University Union. At the Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan Campuses, pick up your masks at or near Student Services. Also, on the Green Bay Campus inside the Community Center at Residence Life, students have the option for the mask laundry exchange service, where you pick up a clean mask, return it to be laundered, and immediately receive a new clean mask. Students unable to wear a face covering, should contact Disability Services at or 920-465-2841 before classes begin regarding accommodations. For more information related to COVID-19 and the University’s plan for returning to campus safely

Video Transcript:  Greetings Phoenix family, I’m here to talk to you about staying safe. Safety is our number one priority here on-campus for the fall. Students we have two options for masks for you. In the University Union we have the University and Ticketing and Information Center, which is where if you are looking for a mask for the fall, we have you covered. You can go ahead and pick up two reusable masks that we’ll issue to you all students. You can also pick up those masks in Residence Life at the Community Center. An additional option is if you want a mask that will launder for you, you go ahead and pick that up in the Community Center and then when you’re done and like a clean one you drop it off and we’ll reissue you a new clean one. We have two types of masks that I’ll explain what they are: This is the first type that if you pick up in the Res Life Community Center will be launderable. So, you pick this mask up we’ll issue you one and then when you want it cleaned you just drop it off and we’ll reissue a second one. This mask here is one of the up to two that will go ahead and issue the students who are looking for a reusable mask that’s theirs to keep. If you’re looking for something a little more fancy or looking for some of your share your GB spirit we do have masks available for sale in the Phoenix Bookstore. They have this version and they also have a similar one that says Green Bay and across the front. Those are available for purchase if you want to pick something else up that’s different and show your school spirit. If you are unable to wear a mask for any medical reason, we do ask that you reach out to the Disability Services Office to make sure that you have an accommodation put on file and they can help you through the process to find a suitable alternative to make sure we keep you and us safe on campus.

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