LimeBike comes to Green Bay and UW-Green Bay

LimeBike Launch Downtown

The Green Bandana Brigade’s bandanas aren’t the only flash of lime green on the UW-Green Bay campus. Lime is bringing its bright green LimeBikes to Green Bay, including about 20 bikes to the UW-Green Bay campus.

Riders download the “Lime” app, find the nearest bike, scan the bike to unlock it and pay $1 for 30 minutes of riding, with discounts available for students. When the ride is finished, the rider can park the bike anywhere public — as long as it is not in way of traffic or pedestrians — and lock it to end the ride.

“We are excited to partner with the City of Green Bay and LimeBike to provide another great amenity to our students, faculty and staff,” said Gary L. Miller, Chancellor. “Green Bay, with its many trails and accessible storefronts, is a perfect city for folks to utilize bicycles more, and this partnership allows that.”

Greater Green Bay’s Director of Partnerships and Community Relations, Jessica Diedrerich, predicts that LimeBike will be used by locals running errands and visitors who want to tour around the city.

“It’s also the type of healthy component so many people will look for when they’re considering moving to a community like Green Bay,” she adds. The city posted a map for bicycle pick-up and drop-off locations on its website. Most of the locations are downtown, but will expand within a few weeks.

Matt Buchanan, City of Green Bay economic development specialist, says LimeBike is convenient for the city, because the company owns the system, manages it and maintains it. Little involvement from the city is needed.

What distinguishes LimeBike from other rental bike companies? Technology. LimeBike has automatic locks and alarms on its bikes. And is easy to pay through an app system.

See more on the LimeBike program.

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LimeBike Launch

– Photos by Dan Moore, Marketing and University Communication; story by Business Administration student Roosa Turunen.



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