Street painter adds new dimension to art on campus

Tampa-based street painter, muralist and fine artist Nate Baranowski created two original pieces for UW-Green Bay, January 26 and 27. His 3-D sea creature on the floor of the Cloud Common commanded a great deal of walk-up traffic. It depicts a scuba diver being attacked by a sea monster and reaching for help from someone who is standing on and interacting with the piece. The 3-D on canvas is safely in storage while campus personnel look for a place to display it. The following evening Baranowski completed a chalk “Phoenix” which will remain on display in the University Union. The event was sponsored by Good Times Programming (GTP), with UWGB student Heather Kostelnik, the GTP Lively Arts and Issues coordinator, taking the lead. GTP members were inspired by UWGB’s own student chalk artist Kimmy Schwarzenbart, hired by the University Union to promote student events on chalkboards throughout the University Union.

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Chalk Artist - Nate Baranowski

– Photos by Kayla Ermer, UW-Green Bay Photography Student

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