Adult Degree Program bids farewell to longtime adviser

Adult Degree Program, farewell to longtime adviserAfter 27 years of service to UW-Green Bay, Adult Degree adviser Trudy M. Jacobson, ’71, is retiring.

Trudy is described by friends as a longstanding and well-loved member of the Adult Degree academic advising staff. (She is shown in the photo above celebrating with Adult Degree graduates at the December 2004 Commencement.) She provided advice and counsel to thousands of students and potential students over the years, guiding hundreds toward their college degrees where many thought none was possible.

Trudy began her career at UW-Green Bay teaching English composition from 1973-’79 and creating ENG COMP 93 Fundamentals of Writing – a course that is still offered today. After a stint in the private sector, Trudy returned to her alma mater in 1987 where she worked in the Department of Outreach and Extension, teaching English Composition at the Green Bay Correctional Institution. She went on from there to serve as a programmer in the Center for Public Affairs, coordinating programs and conferences for Government Affairs and other areas.

Trudy’s work that ultimately captivated her imagination and effort until her retirement this month started in 1992. As a staff member in the “Extended Degree Program,” Trudy served as an adviser, recruiter, career counselor, and wore innumerable “unofficial” hats – all with the goal of supporting students in their dream of earning a University of Wisconsin bachelor’s degree.

“My primary motivation was to give adult learners the opportunity that I had in school,” says Trudy. “Effective advising is more than just picking out classes. I always guided my students to think of the “big picture,” thinking about what they see themselves doing. I knew that I succeeded if I could help students think about what they wanted out of life, not just out of school. I am going to miss many things about UW-Green Bay, but mainly, I will miss the students.”

— Submitted by Eric Craver, Adult Degree Program

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