Orientation for international students? Lambeau is a must-see

International students tour Lambeau FieldFor the 20 new international students at UW-Green Bay, there is an adjustment to life in Wisconsin.

“It’s really cold,” said Ha Tsu Ho, a student from Japan.

The students, who come from 10 different countries, spent their first week in this country going through orientation. There are currently 74 international students from 28 different countries studying at UW-Green Bay. Each year, some international students begin their studies in the spring semester.

“It’s a big shock and I like it,” said Berenice Breuilh, a student from France.

For many students, the opportunity to study in America is a dream come true.

“I’ve always wanted to go to America ever since I was 8 years old,” said international student Michaela Petkova from Bulgaria. “I’ve been obsessed with American culture.”

International Education Director Brent Blahnik says there is a lot for these students to learn, not just about life on campus, but also about the community.

“They’re arriving from thousands of miles away on an airplane, so we have to take them grocery shopping,” Blahnik said. “We have to make sure they have warm coats to wear in the wintertime.”

And in Green Bay, if you want to learn about the culture, there’s one place you must see.

Of course, this is Lambeau Field. But for these international students, American football is a little foreign.

“I like football, less than soccer actually,” said Gail Park from South Korea.

“I don’t know the rules,” Breuilh said. “I will read on the internet to understand.”

Blahnik says taking the international students on a Lambeau tour is a great way to show them a great piece of America.

“Students choose UW-Green Bay because it’s true Americana,” Blahnik said. “We’re Middle American, hard-working families. What’s more Americana than the Green Bay Packers?”

While they may not be very familiar with the sport or even the team, the Lambeau experience was not lost on these students.

“This is huge. It’s great,” Petkova said. “I always wanted to see a typical American football field so it’s quite impressive.”

“It’s pretty impressive. It’s huge,” said Charles Aidouni from France. “It kind of looks like a soccer stadium, very impressive.”

And with the Super Bowl on the horizon, there couldn’t be a better time for students to learn how to cheer on their new favorite team.

“Go Pack go!” they all screamed as the tour wrapped up.

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