The Drummin’ Alum: Music teacher has ‘Super’ season with Packers

Chris Dinse, performs with the Tundra LineChris Dinse, a 2010 UW-Green Bay graduate, had the privilege of being among the select musicians playing in the Green Bay Packers “Tundra Line” drumline this season. Percussionists from across the Midwest compete each season for the opportunity.

Although Dinse and company won’t be headed with the team to the Super Bowl, he’s prepared to cheer on his favorite team, anyway, and he predicts a victory.

“My prediction is that the Packers win! The ‘dome field advantage’ will allow Aaron Rodgers to spread out his receivers and pass all game if he needs to,” predicts Dinse. “The Steelers have a great team, but even if it comes down to a shootout, the Packers have more weapons on offense and defense. All season I have noticed that they have played many different kinds of games, and found different ways to win them.”

Dinse said although he is disappointed that the Drumline didn’t make the trip, he understands the rationale (they’re Lambeau Field regulars but never go on the road) and wouldn’t trade his inaugural season with the group for the world.

“This season was everything I thought it would be and more, Dinse said. “Although I would love to travel to the Super Bowl, I do understand that there are a lot of marketing decisions that need to be made, and they have to draw the line somewhere.

“I was just hoping they would draw the line after the Tundra Line!” he joked.

So where will he be Super Bowl Sunday?

“I will most likely be with friends or family for the game,” he said. “I usually wear my A-Rod jersey and my sideline hat I wear in the Tundra Line. So far it has been a lucky combination.”

Read the full story about Dinse, a Green Bay Area Public Schools educator who helps fuel Packers’ mania on fall weekends. (First posted on Oct. 29, 2010.)

Photo by Mike Roemer ’86

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