Faculty note: Prof. Voelker is podcast guest

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. David Voelker (Humanities and History) was recently interviewed for the tea for teaching podcast produced by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the State University of New York at Oswego. The episode is called “Uncoverage,” and he discussed his efforts to move beyond the coverage model in teaching history. Listen here.

Chancellor Q&A

Chancellor Miller took to the UW-Green Bay Instagram account last week, Thursday, March 28, 2019, answering questions posed by followers of the account. The chancellor fielded nearly 50 questions from more than 40 participants. Questions ranged from “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” to “Where did you grow up?” and much more! See the Instagram story.

See Instagram Chancellor Q&A

Fireworks and friendship: Axelrod and Rove delivered both at the Weidner, April 3

Patrons of Weidner Center for the Performing Arts have come to enjoy drama in many forms—even politics. And that expectation charged the atmosphere Wednesday evening when David Axelrod and Karl Rove took the main stage with moderator Michael Gousha, award-winning journalist and distinguished fellow in Law and Public Policy (Marquette University Law School).

Point Counterpoint-2
From left to right, Gousha, Axelrod and Rove on the Weidner stage.

As expected, politics took center stage. “Every day is election day” as Rove put it. And with the 2020 presidential campaign already in full swing, Wisconsin is sure to remain in the cross-hairs through to an election day that’s still 580 days away.

“A campaign is an MRI for the soul.” Axelrod tells the audience. And when asked about the state of politics today, Rove is even more succinct:

“It’s all screwed up. But it will pass.” And can’t help adding, “like a kidney stone.”

The line gets a laugh from the rapt audience of students, parents, local politicians and cable news junkies. Who knew Karl Rove was funny? Or that these two master strategists from opposite ends of the political spectrum genuinely like each other? Again, Rove gets right to the point.

“I love this guy!”

The event promoted civil discussion but also revealed the human side of public personalities. Axelrod reflected on standing next to President Obama in Moscow’s Red Square watching the raising of the American flag and hearing the National Anthem.  “How my father would marvel if he could have witnessed this.” (He had fled Russia decades earlier to escape religious persecution.)

Rove talked of a desk in his home, built by his own Norwegian grandfather, who came to America so poor he spent his first year living in a relative’s barn near Devil’s Lake. “It reminds me of where I came from.” These were real stories, not sound bites. Two people talking about their family’s past and a shared hope for America’s future—something they could both agree on.

In the top photo above, Axelrod and Rove spend time in a passionate Q & A with UW-Green Bay students prior to the evening event.

Photos by M/UC photographer/videographer Dan Moore. Story by M/UC writer Michael Shaw.


Marinette’s Theatre on the Bay opens with ‘The Mousetrap’ this weekend

Mousetrap Wren and Boyle
Lisa LeBoeuf and Noah Steffen

The Marinette Campus and Theatre on the Bay production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap opens Friday, April 5, 2019! Set in a British guesthouse during a blizzard in 1952, Christie’s famous murder mystery will keep you guessing. Mollie and Giles Ralston are a young couple just opening Monskwell Manor to visitors when a murder takes place in London. Soon they learn that someone in the house may have been involved. And this person may be after one of them. Can they figure out who the murderer is before it’s too late? Secrets from the past are revealed as those in the house try to figure out who the killer is in this classic who-done-it. For more information and to purchase tickets go to www.tinyurl.com/theatreonthebay. The production runs April 5-7 and 12-14.

Mousetrap Group Photo 1
Left to right: Lisa LeBoeuf, Noah Steffen, James Porras II, Cassidy MacArthur, Tyrus Cretens, Kenan Pulver, and Catherine Kramer

Bennet embrace, then and now

Déjà vu: 30 years ago Tony and Dick embraced after leading the Phoenix to its first NCAA Tournament

Phoenix fans will remember the embrace… March 5, 1991. Father and son. All-star and head coach. Tony and Dick Bennett. When the final buzzer had sounded, the Phoenix had taken down Northern Illinois, 56-39, in the Mid-Continent Conference Tournament Championship, to win its first-ever trip to the Big Dance. While the frenzied, standing-room only crowd rushed the court to celebrate the home team, father and son could be found in an embrace that Phoenix fans have not forgotten despite the passing of 29 years. And it came flooding back to life this week, when Dick and Tony sought each other out once again — in celebration of an even bigger moment — Tony had just led his University of Virginia Cavaliers to a Final Four appearance for the first time in 35 years. Nope, it wasn’t the Phoenix we were cheering for this time. Or was it? Congratulations Tony and Dick Bennett. Green Bay is rooting for you.

Tony Bennett’s Virginia Cavaliers (often nicknamed the “hoos”) play at 5 p.m. Saturday against Auburn University in the NCAA Final Four. See more historical photos in this University Archives Facebook post.

1991 Photo

Father Dick Bennett embraces son Tony Bennet March 5, 1991
Father and Head Coach Dick Bennett embraces son Tony Bennett March 5, 1991, Source: UW-Green Bay Archives


2019 NCAA March Madness Video Tweet

Special father-son moment.
Tony & Dick Bennett share an embrace from one #FinalFour coach to another.
#MarchMadness@UVAMensHoops@BadgerMBB — NCAA March Madness (@MarchMadness) March 31, 2019