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04/04/2019 - Faculty note: Prof. Voelker is podcast guest

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. David Voelker (Humanities and History) was recently interviewed for the tea for teaching podcast produced by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the State University of New York at Oswego. The episode is called “Uncoverage,” and he discussed his efforts to move beyond the coverage model in teaching […]

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04/04/2019 - Chancellor Q&A

2019.03.28-chancellor insta-QA-2x1-twitter[1]

Chancellor Miller took to the UW-Green Bay Instagram account last week, Thursday, March 28, 2019, answering questions posed by followers of the account. The chancellor fielded nearly 50 questions from more than 40 participants. Questions ranged from “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” to “Where did you grow up?” and much more! See the Instagram story. See […]

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04/04/2019 - Fireworks and friendship: Axelrod and Rove delivered both at the Weidner, April 3

Point Counterpoint-1

Patrons of Weidner Center for the Performing Arts have come to enjoy drama in many forms—even politics. And that expectation charged the atmosphere Wednesday evening when David Axelrod and Karl Rove took the main stage with moderator Michael Gousha, award-winning journalist and distinguished fellow in Law and Public Policy (Marquette University Law School). As expected, […]

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04/04/2019 - Marinette’s Theatre on the Bay opens with ‘The Mousetrap’ this weekend

Mousetrap Group Photo 1

The Marinette Campus and Theatre on the Bay production of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap opens Friday, April 5, 2019! Set in a British guesthouse during a blizzard in 1952, Christie’s famous murder mystery will keep you guessing. Mollie and Giles Ralston are a young couple just opening Monskwell Manor to visitors when a murder takes […]

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04/04/2019 - Déjà vu: 30 years ago Tony and Dick embraced after leading the Phoenix to its first NCAA Tournament

Bennet embrace, then and now

Phoenix fans will remember the embrace… March 5, 1991. Father and son. All-star and head coach. Tony and Dick Bennett. When the final buzzer had sounded, the Phoenix had taken down Northern Illinois, 56-39, in the Mid-Continent Conference Tournament Championship, to win its first-ever trip to the Big Dance. While the frenzied, standing-room only crowd […]

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