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Faculty note: Prof. Cruz publication

Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz (Public and Environmental Administration) co-authored a publication with Francisco Cebrian from the University of Castilla La Mancha in the European Journal of Geography ERIA. “Transformation of intermediate size cities in the U.S. and Spain: the cases of Green Bay (USA) and Albacete (Spain)” co-authored with Dr. Francisco Cebrián Abellán, in Ería […]

Prof. Nesslein talks ‘Fast-Growing Cities in America’

Wallethub published a piece recently, on the fastest-growing cities in America. It turned to UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Thomas Nesslein (Public and Environmental Administration) for a bit of perspective. Here is one of the questions asked of Nesslein, and his response: What should be the key priority for local authorities who want to grow their […]

Faculty note: Prof. Marcelo Cruz co-presents paper at international conference

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz (Public and Environmental Administration) presented a paper with Javier Marti on comparing policies of World Heritage Sites in Quito, Ecuador and Old Havana at the ninth International Conference of Latin American Geography held in Toledo, Spain September 12-14, 2018.

Faculty note: Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz publishes article

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz (Public and Environmental Affairs) has recently co-authored co-authored a study comparing the urban morphologies of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Albacete, Spain, which was published in the Ería Journal of Geography. The citation: “Transformations of intermediate size cities in the U.S. and Spain: the cases of Green Bay (USA) and Albacete (Spain), co-authored […]

Port of Green Bay holding public meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 2, on Renard Island future

Those who were on the Green Bay campus the past couple of years may have remembered a class led by Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz (Public and Environmental Administration) which worked semester-long to create a vision for a new public/private waterfront development very close to campus. It included suggestions for land use that juts into Green […]

Faculty note: Assistant Prof. Alise Coen to deliver lecture on ‘The Waning of Pax Americana’

Assistant Prof. Alise Coen (Political Science, Public and Environmental Administration) will be delivering a lecture on “The Waning of Pax Americana” on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at the Mead Public Library in Sheboygan. The lecture is part of the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions series and will focus on the U.S. shift away from the international order established in the […]

Campus mourns passing of Karen Dalke

The UW-Green Bay community is deeply saddened to announce the passing of a valued and highly respected member of our faculty and the Phoenix family, Karen Dalke (senior lecturer, Public and Environmental Affairs). Karen was a talented and dynamic instructor, teaching courses primarily in Sociology and Anthropology and often teaching online courses for the University’s […]

Faculty note: Weinschenk serves as keynote speaker next week

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk ’07 (Public and Environmental Administration, Political Science) will be the keynote speaker for the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Urban Policy Forum, June 7 at Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton. His topic will be the Wisconsin state elections and the political environment in Wisconsin ahead of the fall elections. The Urban […]

Faculty note: Hoof it to hear Dalke’s podcast

Over the last few months, UW-Green Bay Senior Lecturer Karen Dalke (Public and Environmental Administration) was saddled with recording podcasts and writing articles on horses. In Mexico City, where she attended the Minding Animals conference, she recorded an episode for an Australian podcast called “Knowing Animals” (available on iTunes.) Dalke also published an article “Mustang Denizen: Reimagining […]