Prof. Nesslein talks ‘Fast-Growing Cities in America’

Wallethub published a piece recently, on the fastest-growing cities in America. It turned to UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Thomas Nesslein (Public and Environmental Administration) for a bit of perspective. Here is one of the questions asked of Nesslein, and his response:

What should be the key priority for local authorities who want to grow their cities?

“The urban economics literature does not suggest that the best policy for generating urban economic growth is to simply slash taxes to a minimum. The evidence suggests that the efficient supply of public services, in particular, education and infrastructure, stimulate urban growth rates. In contrast, many other policies that cities have implemented for several decades such as tax abatements, a large variety of subsidies, and enterprise zones, etc. have not been very effective in attracting firms to a city and stimulating urban economic growth.”  See the full story.

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