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Prof. Shelton talks teacher strikes with Madison news

“Earlier this year, the United States saw statewide teacher strikes in Oklahoma and Arizona. And in recent news, members of the Los Angeles teachers’ union have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. To understand the context of these events, (WORT) in Madison spoke with UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Jon Shelton (Democracy and Justice Studies) about […]

Faculty note: Prof. Shelton interviewed in Education Week

Teacher strikes are heating up in more states, according to a story in Education Week. UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Jon Shelton (Democracy and Justice Studies) provided commentary… “[When you] combine the red-state actions in the spring with a real state of galvanization in the aftermath of the Janus case, it really wouldn’t surprise me to […]

Mark your calendar for Oct. 23 — First of Historical Perspective Series

The first program of the academic year that is part of the annual Historical Perspective Series is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m. in the Christie Theatre, UW-Green Bay (main campus). Elliott Gorn, the Joseph A. Gagliano Professor of American Urban History at Loyola University, Chicago, will speak about his new book Let the People See: The Story of […]

UW-Green Bay chosen as host institution for inaugural Wisconsin Civics Games

UW-Green Bay has been chosen as a host institution for the inaugural Wisconsin Civics Games. Student knowledge of civics and how American government works is woefully in decline, according to UW-Green Bay History Chair Heidi Sherman, and beginning in 2017, all Wisconsin high school students are now mandated by law to pass the same civics […]

Faculty note: Associate Prof. Andrew Austin publishes article on Project Censored

In the wake of the “deplatforming” of Alex Jones by several social media platforms, Andrew Austin (Democracy and Justice Studies) explores censorship in his essay “Defending the Digital Commons: A Left-Libertarian Critique of Speech and Censorship in the Virtual Public Square” for Project Censored. Read the article. Speaking on this topic, Austin recently appeared on […]

Faculty note: Prof. Shelton publication

Associate Prof. Jon Shelton (Democracy and Justice Studies) recently published a chapter in the Routledge History of the Twentieth Century United States, edited by Jerald Podair and Darren Dochuk. The book features cutting-edge essays from up-and-coming historians of the twentieth century US. Shelton’s chapter is entitled, “Labor and Working-Class History.”

Tips for incoming freshmen from a fellow student

Madeline Jensen, a UW-Green Bay junior studying Political Science, Democracy and Justice Studies, German and Education, knows something about starting college. In her article, she lists things that every freshman should know upon starting their higher education path. Read more at Pearson Students.

Faculty note: Prof. Higgins returns from Gothenburg, Sweden

Associate Prof. Doreen Higgins (Social Work) has returned from a five-month stay as an invited visiting researcher in the Department of Social Work at the University of Gothenburg (GU) in Gothenburg, Sweden. While there, Higgins conducted a qualitative study of the Swedish social welfare state and interviewed public sector social workers across the country. She […]

Faculty note: Listen to recent Shelton podcasts on labor unions

Listen to UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Jon Shelton’s (Democracy and Justice Studies) recent podcast episodes. “Janus and the Future of Labor Unions” is for the education-related Have You Heard? which describes the Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 Janus ruling and the future of teachers’ labor unions. In the AFL CIO’s “Labor History Today”  podcast, Shelton […]