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360° of Learning Video

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay unveiled its institutional brand, 360° of Learning, with a celebration Nov. 14 that included the premiere of a new, 60-second internet and broadcast spot capturing the essence of a UW-Green Bay education.


“Look around you. The world’s spinning faster. And finding your place in it is tougher than ever.

You have to look at things from different angles. Be open to differing viewpoints and challenge yourself to get past the usual assumptions.

Only then, can you gain perspective, discover new truths, and see what you’re truly capable of becoming.

Welcome to 360° of learning from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where our unique approach enables students to explore problems from a much broader perspective— seeing all the angles and dimensions, and ultimately all the possibilities.

It’s an all around different way of learning, and all around right for you.”

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Hear it here: 360° of Learning on radio

Taking our brand to the streets, the new 360° of Learning radio ads have been playing on stations throughout Wisconsin since October. They are part of a larger plan to increase enrollment and highlight the UW-Green Bay experience.

360° of Learning

Duration: 1 minute | MP3

Radio Ad Transcript

Say you wanted a degree in business. Or pre-medicine.
Or social work. There’s no shortage of colleges to help you get one.

But say you wanted more than a degree. What if you really wanted a school that offered 360 degrees – of learning?

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
Where 360° of learning is what happens when you’re exposed to people with different mindsets. It’s a broader perspective with unexpected viewpoints, challenging new ideas, and more ways to look at a problem.

Imagine real give-and-take between students and faculty.
With a feeling of community, and collaboration. Where every day, you’re more prepared for your career and what lies ahead. Making the degree you earn at UW-Green Bay all-around more valuable.

Take a look at what makes our 360° approach so different at uwgb.edu.

Brand Celebration scheduled for Nov. 14

More details to come, but organizers are planning a celebration for Wednesday, Nov. 14, that will spotlight 360° of Learning. Colleagues from across the University are looking forward to 360° of fun activities that faculty, staff, students, alumni, retirees, friends and community members can choose to participate in, with food, fun and even a few giveaways in the works. Word has it that you will likely recognize a good number of faculty and student “stars” in the new video created by our partner marketing firm, BVK; the video will have its public premiere at that time. Not to spoil it, but initial responses to the video from the few who have been given a peek are “Wow!” and “Cool!” Look for more in your inbox and in the Log in the days ahead.

Stamats’ Harms says ‘thanks,’ next session will be Nov. 1

Brenda Harms, UW-Green Bay’s research and branding consultant from Stamats. asked that this be included in the Log: “I would like to thank the more than 100 faculty and staff who took the time to participate in Focus Groups on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The information gained in these focus groups has been used to inform the Brand Survey that the UWGB community will be invited to take in the next few days. The feedback provided has already contributed greatly to the process.” In addition, Harms extends a follow-up invitation to all faculty and staff. There will be an open session at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1, she writes, “to review the outcome of the research gathered during this process. I hope to see you there!”

Participation high for Focus Groups, one session remains

Thank you to those who registered for the Branding and Marketing Focus Groups Sept.19-20. Only one session — Monday, September 19, 5 to 6 p.m. in the 1965 Room of the University Union — remains open. To read more on this initiative identified as a campus priority by our own faculty and staff, and affirmed in our Strategic Planning open forums, click here. To register for a focus group session, click here.

Register here for Marketing/Branding focus groups

Those branding meetings the Chancellor mentioned in his Convocation Day remarks? Faculty and staff are asked to participate in the marketing and branding focus groups scheduled with Stamats Communications on Sept. 19 and 20. The effort will guide internal perceptions regarding the University and inform the research instrument that Stamats will use to survey external audiences. Organizers scheduled the times (about 50 minute sessions) over the course of two days and beyond typical working hours for maximum availability.

To read more on this initiative identified as a campus priority by our own faculty and staff, and affirmed in our Strategic Planning open forums, click here.

Register for a focus group session, click here.