World premiere: 60-second spot unveils 360° of Learning

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay unveiled its institutional brand, 360° of Learning, with a celebration Wednesday that included the premiere of a new, 60-second internet and broadcast spot capturing the essence of a UW-Green Bay education. You can view the spot at

A picture-perfect day
Thanks to all those who turned out on the campus quad on a slightly chilly November afternoon to pose for our massive 360° photo shoot. If you haven’t yet seen it, the shot from the top of the library occupies the center position today on the UW-Green Bay homepage.

The day in video: Brand Launch celebration is 360° of fun!
We had an absolute blast during Wednesday’s 360° of learning Brand Launch Celebration. From the photo in the quad to photos in the booth, the ping pong drop, video debut and everything in between, it was a great day to celebrate at UW-Green Bay. We’re pumped about 360°, and this is only the beginning. Check out our day-in-review video, which has all the highlights of launch day.

And the winner is … Emily!
Congratulations to all of Wednesday’s winners. Thank you for participating and visiting the Phoenix Bookstore. Student Emily Carrol was one of the grand prize winners, earning herself free textbook rental! See snapshot.

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