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Breaking news: Walker administration amends budget proposal for UW System

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State media outlets are reporting that Gov. Scott Walker has urged state lawmakers to adjust his earlier budget proposal for the UW System. A Wednesday night report in the Wisconsin State Journal said proposed changes to Walker’s 2013-2015 budget allocations include:

* Freezing tuition over the next two years, which would result in $42 million less in tuition revenues than the System had projected;
* $65.7 million in reductions from the state’s general purpose revenue appropriations;
* Requiring the System to pay for $28.7 million in four projects (economic development and “flexible degree” included) with its program revenue block grant.

The news reports suggest that, as a net figure, the System will receive less than half the $181 million promised in the initial budget. In a statement, DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch was highly critical of System administration for its management of various cash balance accounts. A UW System statement said state campuses could absorb the cuts in expected revenue: “To the extent that institutions can use one-time funds to cover one-time costs, UW leaders agree that the changes represent a manageable solution to a very difficult situation.”

To see news coverage and links to both the Walker/Huebsch letter and the UW System statement.

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