Education was instrumental in Social Work licensure

An addendum to a previous post… UW-Green Bay Social Work Professional Programs recently received approval from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to provide a school social work licensure program for Master of Social Work (MSW) students and practitioners. With the guidance and assistance from Steve Kimball and Amy Bartelme from Education, the MSW Program pursued this initiative to address a growing need for licensed school social workers in regional K-12 schools. UW-Green Bay’s MSW Program provides an advanced generalist concentration with the option for students to focus their education in an individualized area of emphasis. Working closely with advisors, graduate students may design their own emphasis or select a pre-designed emphasis such as child welfare, clinical social work, or, now, school social work. Anticipating the addition of this area of emphasis, Gail Trimberger, MSW graduate chair, and Margaret Kubek, lecturer and MSW field coordinator (and previous school social worker) have consulted with more than two dozen students and area social workers who are interested in obtaining their school social worker licenses. Students can begin working toward their school social work area of emphasis as early as summer 2017.