In the news: High hopes for collaborative engineering-technology degree

A planned collaborative degree program involving UW-Green Bay and UW-Oshkosh is receiving some attention from local news media. Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scott Furlong last week spoke with Fox 11 News reporter Beth Jones about plans for a four-year engineering technology degree program that’s a joint effort with UW-Oshkosh and area technical colleges. “We’re breaking new ground here,” Furlong said of the program, which would include majors in electrical, mechanical and environmental technology engineering. “The idea is to provide multiple avenues that students go through to get this, to achieve this degree and the hope is, to meet some of the needs in the area.” Plans for the program still must be approved by the Board of Regents and would require some additional state funds, Furlong said. The program could be in place as early as next school year. See TV-11’s progress report on the initiative.