In the news: Kraft addresses Wisconsin’s political purple

In the days since the election, Wisconsin often has been referred to as a “purple” state — and Prof. Emeritus Mike Kraft is helping crunch the numbers. Kraft was quoted in a Friday (Nov. 9) Green Bay Press-Gazette story on counties that switched presidential preference in Tuesday’s election, noting that even though President Obama won pretty decisively, he didn’t enjoy the same margins of victory he did in 2008. The story also explored the political gulf between Wisconsin’s two senators — tea party favorite Ron Johnson and newly elected liberal Democrat Tammy Baldwin. The decisive Obama victory in ’08 would’ve been tough to repeat, Kraft said. “This is not 2008, but on the other hand, he did pretty well given the circumstances,” he said, “the challenges that he got from the opposition and all the outside money that flows into the state.” Full story.