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Former staffer: Student vote controversy is missing context

Former Log editor and media relations director Christopher Sampson knows a little about UWGB history. He was moved to write in from recent retirement to share some insight about the dispute involving the City of Green Bay Clerk’s Office and ease of voting for UW-Green Bay students living on campus. The flurry of state and […]

Absentee ballot registration drive

Yesterday, the Student Government Association sponsored an absentee ballot registration drive. More than 20 students registered to get their election ballots via mail or email, in order to avoid the long Election Day voting lines. Want to vote absentee and avoid the line? It’s not too late. Download and print your one-page registration form (pdf) […]

SGA and RHAA: Election results are in

Congratulations to the newly elected presidents and vice presidents of Student Government Association (SGA) and Residential Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA). Nikolas Austin and Dylan Tritt will be the president and vice president of SGA, and Ashley Keenan and Samuel Soda will continue on in their reoccurring positions as president and vice president of RHAA. […]

MSNBC and Trump in photos

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay welcomed MSNBC and Chris Matthews for a special Town Hall meeting today (Wednesday, March 30, 2016). Matthews’ special guest: Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Held in Fort Howard Hall at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts, approximately 200 students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members attended the special recording, slated […]

Students meet with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

MSNBC “Hard Ball” host Chris Matthews shared his thoughts on American politics, the 2016 Presidential Election, journalism and his on-campus interview with Donald Trump after today’s (Wednesday, March 30, 2016) Town Hall meeting at the University. UWGB Communications Chair Phil Clampitt, Lecturer Shauna Froelich and some of their students were in attendance for the Q&A […]

Chancellor on MSNBC forum

Chancellor Miller sent a memo to faculty and staff today regarding the MSNBC Town Hall forum at the Weidner Center tomorrow. “As a public university, we welcome the opportunity to provide space for public discourse and work to balance those requests while maintaining security and the continuity of our academic programs. We will continue to […]