Faculty note: Kain in Leipzig

Historian Kevin Kain of the Humanistic Studies faculty was an organizer of, and presenter at, an interdisciplinary and international conference Sept. 19 and 20 at the Centre for Area Studies at the University of Leipzig in Germany. Titled “The Moscow Patriarchate (1589-1721): Power, Belief, Image and Legitimacy,” the conference was organized by Kain and Dr. Wolfram von Sheliha of Leipzig. It involved two dozen scholars including historians, art historians, philologists and museum studies specialists from the United State, Germany, Russia, France, The Netherlands, Israel, Rumania and Japan. Kain presented a paper on “The Living Image of Patriarch Nikon,” chaired two panels and led a roundtable discussion on “Perspectives on future research and international and interdisciplinary cooperation.” The conference was funded by a 30,000 Euro grant from the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für Wissenschaftsförderung (Germany) which was awarded to von Sheliha and Kain. The revised conference papers will be published by University of Leipzig Press in a volume edited by von Sheliha and Kain. Reviews of the meeting are scheduled to appear in American, German and Russian scholarly forums (online and in print) in the immediate future.