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New nature-based 4K partnership featured in ‘Press-Gazette’

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The front page of today’s (Wednesday, Sept. 4) Green Bay Press-Gazette offers an up-close look at the Green Bay School District’s new nature-based 4-year-old kindergarten program at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. As we told you here previously, the program is a partnership between the wildlife sanctuary, the school district and UW-Green Bay — Provost Julia Wallace and Associate Profs. Scott Ashmann and Jennifer Lanter are members of the program’s steering committee and have been heavily involved with its planning. The 4K program involves plenty of outdoor, hands-on learning for youngsters. Ashmann recently was honored with the UW-Green Bay Founders Association Award for Institutional Excellence, in part because of his work with initiatives such as the Bay Beach program. Full story, video.

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