In the news: Clampitt talks viral anti-bully campaigns with WBAY

For victims of bullying, the internet and social media can be a powerful way to fight back. WBAY, Channel 2 turned Thursday (March 28) to our own Prof. Phil Clampitt for some context on the phenomenon after a Kaukauna father’s message on behalf of his bullied son quickly went viral. It’s the latest in a string of Wisconsin examples, including a former UW-Green Bay cheerleader who fought back against Facebook tormenters and a La Crosse anchorwoman who took to the airwaves to address a viewer’s nasty email. Such anti-bullying campaigns are effective for two primary reasons, Clampitt said — they address what’s been done to try to solve the problem, and they reach out for help. “People are sensitive to injustice,” he said, “and when they feel like there’s injustice and there’s inaction, I think people respond to that.” Full story.