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A student wearing virtual reality googles plays a video game at UW-Green Bay.

Video: Science Professions at UW-Green Bay

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay puts science to work with hands-on learning—growing opportunities for students, faculty, and the community. UW-Green Bay combines experiments with field experiences that transform curiosity into innovation. Transcript Science Professions:...

Student drawing and armadillo in the Richter Museum

Video: Drawing in the Natural History Museum

UW-Green Bay’s Richter Museum of Natural History collections are available for artistic as well as scientific research. The natural forms make excellent subjects for drawing students. Transcript: “If someone asks you what natural history museums...

Bird-filled week included time at UW-Green Bay

Bird-filled week included time at UW-Green Bay

iwanttheNews.com reported of two bird-filled weeks, mentioning UW-Green Bay’s peregrine falcon chick Annie. Annie was banded with her brothers, Tom and Gary, at UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Library. She was named after the person who...