Video: Science Professions at UW-Green Bay

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay puts science to work with hands-on learning—growing opportunities for students, faculty, and the community. UW-Green Bay combines experiments with field experiences that transform curiosity into innovation.

Transcript Science Professions:

I like to explore how things work and see how I can make them work better. UW-Green Bay has taught me how to use my curiosity toward solving problems in my community.

By investigating treatments for agricultural runoff in our waterways, performing cell culture experiments in our biochemistry laboratory, and building, designing, and launching high-powered rockets. Students like me gain rich experiences, normally only reserved for graduate-level students. As a student studying environmental science, I’ve built educational outreach kits and displays during my internship at the Richter Museum of Natural History here on campus.

Now I’m an environmental educator at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

UW-Green Bay has equipped me to use my brainpower to drive innovation today to address the challenges of the future.

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