Faculty note: Prof. Derek Jeffreys talks about America’s jails

“Nearly 12 million people pass through America’s jail system every year. Many of them are never convicted of a crime, but they can spend anywhere from a couple of months to several years incarcerated, according to Prof. Derek Jeffreys (Humanities, Religion), author of “America’s Jails: The Search for Human Dignity in an Age of Mass Incarceration.” He was interviewed recently on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time, discussing the problems — including unhygienic living conditions, violence and mental illnesses — in America’s jails. See the full story on WPR.

Prof. Jeffreys publishes new book

UW-Green Bay Prof. Derek Jeffreys’ (Humanities, Religion) new book on jails and human dignity — America’s Jails: The Search for Human Dignity in an Age of Mass Incarceration, NYU Press — is released this week (May 3, 2018). Originating while Jeffreys taught in prisons and jails, this book explores the current crisis in our jail system, and considers philosophical questions about the meaning of human dignity. It also outlines ways to respond to problems in our jails and asks difficult questions about the future of the jail in American society. Find it, here.

Faculty note: Prof. Jeffreys presents new title at UntitledTown

Prof. Derek S. Jeffreys (Humanities and Religion) will be presenting at the UntitledTown Book Festival, this week. He will talk about his new book on dignity and jails, presenting on “America’s Jails: The Search for Human Dignity in an Age of Mass Incarceration” on Saturday, April 21 at 2 p.m. in the KI Center. See all UntitledTown events.

Prof. Jeffreys published in ‘Chronicle of Higher Education’

Prof. Derek S. Jeffreys (Humanistic Studies, Religion) published an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. It begins, “Some years ago, I began giving volunteer philosophy and religion lectures to inmates in a maximum-security prison. I quickly learned that they enjoyed few educational opportunities. Wisconsin offers almost nothing for prisoners seeking higher education, and, sadly, few states do.” Read “The Christian Agenda Behind Inmate Education.

Prof. Jeffreys is featured on CW14 Focus

On Sunday, April 2, 2017 Prof. Derek Jeffreys (Humanistic Studies, religion) was featured on CW 14 Focus, with host Robert Hornacek. They discussed issues related to human dignity. “What I mean by dignity is called ‘inherent dignity,’ that you have value simply because you’re a person,” Jeffreys said. “It’s a value that your parents can’t give you or the government can’t give you or the government can’t take away. You have value, period.” Watch the full episode, here.