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Results from first campuswide e-waste roundup

On April 5, UW-Green Bay completed its first annual Electronic Waste Round-up! Campus departments participating in the cleanup sent their non-functioning printers, fax machines, typewriters, computers and other electronic surplus, accumulated over many years, to a central location for proper recycling and disposal. The capable surplus staff of Al and Colby collected 15 skids of […]

Lifting the ‘moratorium’ on printer purchases

In support of UW-Green Bay’s goals for Sustainability and Going Green, the Information Services Division and the Purchasing Office are engaged in an Office Technology Study. The objective is to improve technology efficiency and reliability while reducing costs and the campus carbon footprint. A memo from the two offices states: “In mid-February we asked that […]

Reminder: PeopleSoft will be offline April 12-18… deadlines listed

Already sent campuswide but repeated here for the record: 
In conjunction with the conversion to the new Human Resource System (HRS), PeopleSoft will be offline April 12 -18. WISDM will still be available for reviewing data, however salary encumbrance information will not be visible in WISDM until April 19. To ensure your purchase orders and […]

PeopleSoft SFS will be off line April 12-18

In conjunction with the conversion to the new Human Resource System (HRS), PeopleSoft (SFS) will be off-line from April 12th to April 18th.  Purchase orders, payments to vendors, charge backs, and travel expense reports cannot be processed during this timeframe.  Departments are encouraged to submit payment request or reimbursement requests as soon as possible to […]

Plan ahead for postage increases

Linda Dupuis sends out notice that postage budgets could take a hit when the U.S. Postal Office implements a pricing increase, effective April 17 for their first price increase in two years. Not all types of mail will be affected. It appears as though 1 oz. letters and flats will remain static, but the new […]