Lifting the ‘moratorium’ on printer purchases

In support of UW-Green Bay’s goals for Sustainability and Going Green, the Information Services Division and the Purchasing Office are engaged in an Office Technology Study. The objective is to improve technology efficiency and reliability while reducing costs and the campus carbon footprint. A memo from the two offices states: “In mid-February we asked that you hold off on ordering new printers until April 15 in order to provide time for us to analyze data to provide you with the best information for making your purchasing decisions. Thank you for your cooperation! We are now ready to assist you in determining what type of imaging equipment will best meet your needs. Information will be available on the Purchasing web site on Friday April 15.”

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Need to purchase a printer? For immediate assistance in evaluating your choices, please contact Grace Lindner at 2693. She can provide information on multi-function devices as well as printers. Effective, April 24, Helen Alexander will return from vacation, ready to assist you in selecting the right printer, if that is what you need. Printer orders generally take one to four weeks for delivery. If you have questions regarding the study, contact Kathy Pletcher (2383) or Linda Dupuis (2522).

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