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Phoenix Rising sculpture with trees in blossom in the background

Photo Gallery: Spring campus beauty

It appears the Phoenix is welcoming the UW-Green Bay family back to the nest. Photographer Dan Moore captured some of the splendor of spring at UW-Green Bay, recently. Check out these gorgeous photographs. Click...

Tree branch covered in snow.

Photos: Winter Wonderland

Snow sure looks good on UW-Green Bay. But beautiful photos, with bright sunshine, blue skies and warm enough temperatures for camera-equipment to work, are tough to come by. Thankfully Liesl Sigourney was intern on...

#gbtrees and a picture-perfect autumn

#gbtrees and a picture-perfect autumn

The view from the 8th floor of the Cofrin Library is breathtaking on a sunny day — the bay and autumn colors combined — and the maples lining drives and sidewalks near MAC Hall...