Video: Student’s Favorite Things about UW-Green Bay Campus

Students love the open green spaces and the woodsy feel of campus, and share the things that drew them to UW-Green Bay. It’s a beautiful campus with natural inspiration, nature, trails, creeks, beaches and wildlife. Of course, keep an eye out for those quirky, weird birds that charm the campus too!


Transcript: My favorite thing about campus would be… the open feel how you really feel like you are out in the wilderness. It’s nice to have a lot of nature nearby. You’re coming to campus you’re driving through woods and there’s a creek that you cross over and there’s all these awesome trails around. Any point I can go outside I can walk the Arboretum. Can even walk over to the beach. There’s also just so many green spaces for you to kind of study. And weird birds all over campus. It’s a beautiful campus it’s something that definitely drew me to it.

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