Municipal officials graduate from Clerks/Treasurers

GREEN BAY — The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has named the graduates of the 2009 Wisconsin Municipal Clerks and Treasurers Institute.

There were 102 clerks and treasurers who this year completed the final program of the three-year sequence or the fourth year of completion for those holding the clerk/treasurer position. This program is designed to advance the professional development of local government officials in Wisconsin.

Each summer, municipal clerks, treasurers and other officials from across the state participate in a week of continuing education courses on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus organized by the University’s Office of Outreach and Extension. The Institute curriculum consists of three, one-week annual programs with at least 33 hours of classroom instruction per program. This year’s program took place the week of July 12-17.

Course work focuses on the development of technical skills — with an eye on keeping current on rapidly changing technology, regulations and other factors — as well as development of administrative knowledge, leadership abilities and financial management. Faculty members and participants engage in free-flowing exchange of information, share job-related experiences, network with colleagues, and examine factors that contribute to successful on-the-job performance by municipal officials.

Local government officials completing the three-year sequence of programs earn all of the education points needed for national certification, with additional points earned by experience in local government and participation in other meetings and educational seminars. Officials holding the title of both clerk and treasurer are eligible to receive both the clerk’s and treasurer’s certification by completing a fourth year at the institute.

The Clerks Institute at UW-Green Bay is accredited by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks and by the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association. The Treasurers Institute is accredited by the Association of Public Treasurers – United States and Canada, and by the Municipal Treasurers Association of Wisconsin.

Name, Position, Municipality
Tracey Berman, Deputy Clerk/Deputy Treasurer, Village of Oregon.

Dixie Bernsteen, Clerk, Town of Delavan.

Paulette Bradley, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Oakdale.

Mary Buchert, Village Clerk, Village of Genoa City.

Mary Carthell, Financial Manager, Village of Fox Point.

Christine Dehnert, Deputy City Clerk, City of Oconomowoc.

Terry Faber, Clerk Treasurer, Village of Silver Lake.

Eleanor Fendley, Clerk, Village of Oakfield.

Charity Forsch, Administrator- Clerk, Village of Ephraim.

Kristine Ginter, Treasurer, Town of Grand Rapids.

Candice Grunseth, Village Clerk, Village of Gilman.

Donna Hann, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Ixonia.

Jean Hansen, Clerk, Town of Doty.

Veronica Heenan, Clerk-Treasurer, Town of Oakland.

Susan Hollnagel, Municipal Clerk, City of Fox Lake.

Shirley Jacoby, Clerk, Town of Woodruff.

Carolyn Jahnke, Deputy Clerk, Village of Butler.

Claudia Jurewicz, Treasurer, Village of Genoa City.

Patti Keichinger, Deputy Treasurer, Town of Middleton.

Amy Klemko, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Bristol.

Janet Knops, Treasurer/Deputy Clerk, Village of Kewaskum.

Debbie Koehn, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, City of Spooner.

Kris Kohlhoff, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Clyman.

Diane Kowalchuk, Deputy City Clerk, City of Mequon.

Marilyn Larson, Clerk, Town of Darien.

Diane Lavarda, Town Clerk, Town of Lena.

LuAnn Leggett, Clerk, Village of Deforest.

Lyn Leisgang, Clerk, Town of Seymour.

Annette Look, Deputy Clerk, Town of Menasha.

Sara Ludtke, Deputy Clerk, Town of Middleton.

Glenda Lyons, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Seymour.

Marilyn Magnin, Clerk, Town of Stiles.

Judy Mclellan, Clerk, Town of Grand Rapids.

Vanessa Norby, Accounting Supervisor, City of Prescott.

Laurie Pankratz, Treasurer, Town of Wilson.

Jenny Pappas, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Spring Green.

Walter Peterson, Clerk, Town of Pound.

Kathleen Peterson, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Trempealeau.

Charmaine Rammer, Deputy Treasurer, City of Plymouth.

Xenia Ramos, Treasurer, Village of Caledonia.

Michelle Renderman, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Withee.

Mary Richardson, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Rhinelander.

Marjorie Roach, Clerk, Town of Fairchild.

Shelly Sauvola, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Lincoln.

Cindy Schlieve, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Oconomowoc Lake.

Jessica Schmidt, Clerk, Town of Grafton.

Sheila Schraufnagel, City Clerk, City of Hillsboro.

Debra Schueler, Clerk, Town of Summit.

Donna Schut, Village Clerk, Village of Walworth.

David Shaw, Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Middleton.

Deina Shirmer, Clerk-Treasurer, Town of Warren.

Shannon Statz, Assistant Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, City of Jefferson.

Christine Stefanich, City Deputy Clerk, City of New Berlin.

Julie Strutz, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, City of Reedsburg.

Nancy Towns, Clerk, Town of Porter.

Christina Wallace, Administrative Assistant, City of Oconomowoc.

Eve Wallace, Deputy Treasurer, City of Oconto Falls.

Karen Weinschrott, Town Clerk, Town of Grand Chute.

JoAnn Wert, Deputy Clerk, Town of Hudson.

Rosemary West, Treasurer’s Office Supervisor, City of West Allis.

Marie Williams, City Accountant, City of Delafield.

Connie Zimmerman, Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Fulton.

Sheila Zook, Clerk/Treasurer, Village of Eden.