UW-Green Bay celebrates excellence during annual symposium

GREEN BAY – The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is celebrating excellence at the 10th annual Academic Excellence Symposium, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 19, in the Phoenix Room of the University Union, 2420 Nicolet Drive. The event is free and open to the public.

The symposium is an annual event held on campus that allows undergraduate and graduate students to display outstanding scholarly and creative work.

This year’s symposium will feature 81 students with 48 projects, ranging from chemistry to photography.

It provides the campus and community with an opportunity to learn more about the interesting work being done by UW-Green Bay students.

Students will display posters and perform musical selections to showcase their research and creative work. Presenters will be on hand to explain their project to visitors.

Academic programs represented are Arts and Visual Design, Business Administration, Chemistry, Human Biology, Human Development, Humanistic Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural and Applied Sciences, Political Science, Psychology, Public and Environmental Affairs, Public Administration, and the Environmental Management and Business Institute.

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members nominated students for the symposium.

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10th Annual Academic Excellence Symposium

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Phoenix Room, 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Name/description of project
Nominating faculty/staff, unit

Superoxide Anion Production by Freshly Isolated Human Neutrophils
Megan A. Verbsky, Nina Salerno, Kim Schoen
Brian Merkel, Human Biology

Raymond Pettibon: Gender, Sexuality and the Postmodern Dick
John P. Olski
Carol Emmons, Arts and Visual Design

Home-grown: Portraits of Perceptions in Metalwork and Sculpture
Kristi Edminster
Jennifer Mokren, Arts and Visual Design

A Midnight Snack
Carleen K. Horner
Dean VonDras, Human Development

NAMI of Brown County
Heather M. Flick
Ryan Martin, Human Development

ABMC/EMBI Research Partnership for Improving Environmental Sustainability of Health Care
Shaun R. Raganyi, John D. Arendt, Matthew J. Peter
John Katers, Natural and Applied Sciences

Dancing Into the Field of Fundraising
Samantha J. Fenlon
Lora Warner, Political Science, Public Administration

Sexist Brands: Empowering, Degrading, or Aggravating?
Stephanie D. Freis, Krystal VanHoff, Amy L. Weise
Regan A. R. Gurung, Human Development

Efforts Directed Toward the Synthesis of Obolactone
Tiffany A. Farrar, Jonathan M. Leahy, Katrina M. Thompson
Julie M. Lukesh, Natural and Applied Sciences

Psychology Students’ Values in Relation to Satisfaction with their Major
Brittaney M. Molina
Kristin Vespia, Human Development

Can Phytoestrogens Mitigate the Endocrine-Disrupting Effects of Polychlorinated Biphenyls?
Andrea Gruen, Samantha Beyer
Angela Bauer-Dantioin, Human Biology

Saying Less is More: Plurality Comprehension and Production Amongst Toddlers
Caitlin M. Gurlt
Jennifer Zapf, Human Development

Dressed to Teach? Appearance, Clothing, and Ratings of Instructors
Amy L. Weise, Stephanie D. Fries, Krystal VanHoff
Regan A. R. Gurung, Human Development

Effects of Childhood Stress on Academic Performance of College Students
Stephanie M. Lynch, Kristin Nick, Kayla Worchel
Dean VonDras, Human Development

Midlife and Older Adults Perceived Prevention Techniques for Mild Cognitive Impairment
Kristin M. Nick, Stephanie Lynch, Kayla Worchel
Dean VonDras, Human Development

Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching the First Crusade in the Secondary-Level Classroom
Cory Miller
Heidi Sherman, Humanistic Studies

Wind Wars in Wisconsin: Lessons from Local Government
Benjamin J. Royer
Sara Rinfret, Public and Environmental Affairs

Differentiating the Trust in E-commerce and S-commerce
Lijun Chen
Gaurav Bansal, Business Administration

Effects of Three Treatments on Ground-dwelling
Scott E. Komis
Michael Draney, Natural and Applied Sciences

The Starbucks Experience: Environmental Responsibility in a Competitive Environment
Kathryn E. Sasse, Justin T. Daemmrich, Benjamin L. Diers, Tyler J. Nault, Jeremy A. Tebo
Lucy Arendt, Business Administration

Exotic Slug Abundance Among Five Contrasting Northeastern Wisconsin Forests
Andrew P. LaPlant
Mathew Dornbush, Natural and Applied Sciences

Energy Expenditure for Forward vs. Backward Walking
Kathyrn Wolff, Danielle Gemignani, Amanda Luedtke, Sarah Zarter
James Marker, Human Biology

Effects of Caffeine on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and V02 During Exercise
Sheri Norton, Danielle Pozolinski
James Marker, Human Biology

Humana, Inc.: Analyzing its Environment, Culture, and Structure
Christina S. Brandtjen, Lisa M. Kingston, Matthew E. Majkrzak, Braden A. Mork, Phillip A. Przybylinski
Lucy Arendt, Business Administration

Evaluation of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Jesse L. Cahill
Michael Zorn, Natural and Applied Sciences

The Algoma Project: Small Town Life in the Midwest
Jason T. Houge
Sarah Detweiler, Arts and Visual Design

British Influence in the Formation of Jordanian Statehood and Society
Michael Jacobs
Heidi Sherman, Humanistic Studies

A Personal Document of Modest Life
Kayla A. Bauer
Sarah Detweiler, Arts and Visual Design

Self-Portraits (Paper Doll)
Andrea M. Frederick
Sarah Detweiler, Arts and Visual Design

Biomass Partitioning Along a Soil Moisture Continuum in Tallgrass Prairie
Adam C. von Haden
Mathew Dornbush, Natural and Applied Sciences

Photographic Interaction of Body with Light and Time
Maggie M. Cuff
Sarah Detweiler, Arts and Visual Design

Facilitating Establishment of Native Herbaceous Species Under High Grazing Pressure
Joshua A. Martinez
Mathew Dornbush, Natural and Applied Sciences

Understanding the Link Between Live Roots and Soil Microbial Activity
Cody Sandahl
Mathew Dornbush, Natural and Applied Sciences

Art with Emphasis on Studio Art (Painting and Drawing)
Maura E. Vazquez
Kristy Deetz, Arts and Visual Design

Outside Inspiration
Jonathon O’Callaghan
Kristy Deetz, Arts and Visual Design

Being a Twin
Anna I. Kooiman
Kristy Deetz, Arts and Visual Design

Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: An In-depth Look
Maria A. Foth
Ryan Martin, Human Development

Do Relationships Matter in the Effects of First Year Seminars?
Erin M. Ehlers, Jessica M. Hopp, Rebecca E. McCabe, Alyssa M. Zingler
Denise Bartell, Human Development

Does the Language We Speak Affect What We Can Remember?
Craig K. Van Pay
Jennifer Zapf, Human Development

Dendritic Attenuation of the Brain Due to Forced Exercise Training
Lucas S. Hecker, Cody S. Steinhauer
Amanda Nelson, Human Biology

The Utility of Online Examinations in Face-to-Face Classes: Empirical Evidence
Tonya E. Filz
Regan A. R. Gurung, Human Development

Content Analysis of Social Network Based Suicide Support Groups
Tonya E. Filz
Kristin Vespia, Human Development

Fish Assemblages of the Wequiock Creek Estuary, Point au Sable Wisconsin
David A. Lawrence
Robert Howe, Natural and Applied Sciences

Masters of Science in Environmental Science & Policy
Erin E. Gnass, Nicholas G. Walton
Robert Howe, Natural and Applied Sciences

Canopy Pollinators in Northern Hardwood Forests of North Eastern Wisconsin
Aaron J. Groves
Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences

An Exploration of Vocal Music from the 18th – 20th Century
“Laudamus te” from Mass in C minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s
“Zueignung” by Richard Strauss
“I Hate Music” and “I’m a Person Too” from I Hate Music by Leonard Bernstein
Megan M. Fletcher
Pianist: Emily Slavek
Courtney Sherman, Arts and Visual Design

Performer at Honors Recital and Simon Estes’ Masterclass
“Vainement, ma bien-aimee” from Le Roi d’Ys by Edouard Lalo
Medley from My Fair Lady by Lerner and Lowe
Greg Muller
Pianist: Emily Slavek
Sarah Meredith, Arts and Visual Design

Performer at Honors Recital and Simon Estes’ Masterclass
“Let me wander, not unseen” from L’Allegro by G.F. Handel
“Le Charme” by Ernest Chausson
“Spring” by Dominick Argento
Amanda Gaura
Pianist: Emily Slavek
Sarah Meredith, Arts and Visual Design

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