UW-Green Bay celebrates student excellence during annual symposium

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is celebrating excellence at the ninth annual Academic Excellence Symposium 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 30, in the Phoenix Room of the University Union, 2420 Nicolet Drive. The event is free and open to the public.

The symposium allows undergraduate and graduate students to display outstanding scholarly and creative work. Researchers, artists, musicians, and new this year, interns will present their best work. Phi Kappa Phi honorary society and the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences sponsor the event.

This year’s symposium features 67 exhibitors with 33 projects, ranging from biology to history to performing arts. Students will display posters and perform musical selections to showcase their research and creative work. Presenters will be on hand to explain their projects to visitors.

The symposium offers campus and community an opportunity to learn more about the interesting work being done by UW-Green Bay students.

Academic programs being represented include: Arts and Visual Design, Business Administration, Public and Environmental Affairs, Human Biology, Human Development, Humanistic Studies, Natural and Applied Sciences, Political Science, Information and Computing Science.

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff members nominated students for the symposium. For more information visit www.uwgb.edu/lasdean/aes.

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— 9th Annual Academic Excellence Symposium —
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 • Phoenix Room, University Union • 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Name/description of project (* afer title denotes internship)
Student(s), Hometown
Nominating faculty/staff, unit

Death in the Afternoon: Propaganda Journalism and the Guernica Bombing
Gina Covert, North Mankato, Minnesota.
Clifton Ganyard, Humanistic Studies

Time Capsules’ Role as Art
Beth V. Servais, Oconomowoc; Sarah Condon, Luxemburg; Ben Hogan, De Pere; Kelly Rine, Land O’Lakes.
Ellen Rosewall, Arts and Visual Design

Fed Ex: Exploring Its Structure, Strategy and Culture
Stephanie Peters, Green Bay; Christopher Casanova, Green Lake; Jessica Haase, Beaver Dam; Brian Hardina, Wisconsin Rapids; Stacy Liverseed, Columbus.
Lucy A. Arendt, Business Administration

Assessing the Feasibility of Composting Pre-Consumer Food Waste at UW-Green Bay
Molly Collard, Green Bay; Shaun R. Raganyi, Antigo.
John Katers, Natural and Applied Sciences

Bioassessment of Mahon Creek Using Macroinvertebrate and Fish Communities
Eric Struck, Kewaunee.
Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences

Native Plant Survival Limited More by Consumers than Exotic Plants
Philip G. Hahn, Green Bay.
Mathew Dornbush, Natural and Applied Sciences

Transforming College Students through Design: A Review of the Literature
Joshua J. Vanden Busch, Green Bay; Kelly L. Schroeder, Big Bend.
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Human Development

The Effect of Vitamin D on Muscle Performance
Erica Kiela, Plymouth; Zacharia Davoodi, New Berlin; Laura Hayward, Sheboygan; Lindsey Provenzano, Jefferson; Renee Reindl, Pewaukee; Jolene Sell, Menasha.
Debra Pearson, Human Biology

Counseling Center Websites as Potential Suicide Prevention Tools
Amanda P. Luedtke, Two Rivers.
Kristin Vespia, Human Development

Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Obolactone
Debra L. Heyrman, Green Bay; Andrew A. Blank, Green Bay; Cedric O.C. Mbida, Milwaukee.
Julie Lukesh, Natural and Applied Sciences

Topographic Mind
Christine A. Engler, Kewaunee.
Kristy Deetz, Arts and Visual Design

A Comparative Analysis of Presidentialism
Benjamin J. Royer, Green Bay.
Katia Levintova, Political Science

Exploration of Total Ankle Replacement Surgery*
Samantha J. Beyer, Bear Creek.
Amanda Nelson, Human Biology

Increasing Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness at Bellin Health*
Shaun R. Raganyi, Antigo.
John Katers, Natural and Applied Sciences

Contemporary Art Education in London*
Kellen Holden, Green Bay.
Ellen Rosewall, Arts and Visual Design

Students Instrumental in Voyageur Magazine’s 25 Years of Success*
Kimberly Schmitt, Lowell; Nicole Angelucci, Green Bay; Adam Bormann, Medford; Meghan Gitter, Neenah; Maureen Malone, Appleton; Lea Spude, Oconto Falls.
Victoria Goff, Information and Computing Science

Insights on Psychiatric Rehabilitation*
Andrew D. Johnson, New London.
Dennis Lorenz, Human Development

Trailers and Other Transient Homes
Kayla A. Bauer, Peshtigo.
Sarah Detweiler, Arts and Visual Design

Adam Koenig, Green Bay.
Sarah Detweiler, Arts and Visual Design

A Mini Colorimetric Protein Assay Based on Pierce 660® Reagent
Aaron R. Navratil, Appleton.
Warren Johnson, Human Biology

The Effect of Over-hydration (drinking water) on Body Composition as Measured via the BodPod®
Lindsey Provenzano, Jefferson; Zach Davoodi, New Berlin; Stephanie Flood, Elcho; Rebecca Johnson, Oakdale, Minnesota.
James Marker, Human Biology

Energy Expenditure Using Arms vs Legs at the Same Workload
Amanda Stinson, Green Bay; Laura Hayward, Sheboygan; Rachel Newman, Goodman; Dustin Dietrich, Kiel.
James Marker, Human Biology

Analysis of Dilution Inactivation of β-galactosidase
Ashley R. Krol, Green Bay.
Warren Johnson, Human Biology

Distribution and Abundance of Snakes in the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Arboretum
Pao Vue, Green Bay; Jennifer Goyette, Green Bay; Andrew McKenna-Foster, Green Bay.
Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences

The State of Organic Farming in the United States
Jacqueline S. Krall, Grafton.
Denise Scheberle, Public and Environmental Affairs

A Plea for Captain John Brown
Jessica Baehman, Hortonville.
David Voelker, Humanistic Studies

Varnishing Doodles
Amanda M. Cornette, Luxemburg.
Kristy Deetz, Arts and Visual Design

Honors Recital (1:30 pm)
Megan M. Fletcher, Waupun.
Courtney Sherman, Arts and Visual Design

Honors Recital (1:45 pm)
Greg Muller, Green Bay.
Sarah Meredith Livingston, Arts and Visual Design

Manitowoc Company: Exploring Its Structure, Environment, Core Competencies and Culture
Kathryn Waechter, Mishicot; Jessica Abel, Loyal; Sheryl Bolick, Manitowoc; Amanda Pinchart, Casco; Whitney Thewis, Mellen.
Lucy A. Arendt, Business Administration

Measurement for the Jackie Nitschke Center Intensive Outpatient Program
Linda K. Jourdan, Kaukauna.
Lora Warner, Public and Environmental Affairs

The Farm Fresh Atlas of Eastern Wisconsin
Leah J. Korger, Stevens Point.
Le Zhu, Human Biology

Perceived Infidelity: Does Body Image Accentuate Women’s Jealousy?
Kristie L. Kaczmarek, Manawa; Amanda Degeneffe, De Pere.
Regan A. R. Gurung, Human Development

Midlife and Older Adults’ Perceptions of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Symptoms
Kristin M. Nick, Green Bay.
Dean VonDras, Human Development

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