UW-Green Bay’s Harden first chancellor to take over statewide Twitter account

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Tom Harden will become the first university administrator to take over the @UWPowersMe Twitter account March 25, guest-tweeting as the voice of the statewide campaign for one week.

Harden, who has served as UW-Green Bay’s chancellor since 2009, will tweet about on-campus events, items in the news and his observations on the multifaceted benefits of a UW-Green Bay education. He hopes to offer the Twitter account’s followers a taste of campus life, and a look at how the University makes a difference in Northeastern Wisconsin and statewide.

“I am truly excited to be taking over as the voice of the UW Powers Me Twitter account during the week of March 25,” Harden said. “This is a terrific chance to showcase the UW-Green Bay experience, and to show a broader audience how a UW System education benefits not just our students and alumni, but indeed the entire state of Wisconsin. I’ve often said I must have the greatest job in the world, to be part of this incredible campus community. Now I’m pleased I get to share that in a brand-new way.”

The @UWPowersMe Twitter account allows students, faculty, alumni — even chancellors — the opportunity to take control for one week, telling their UW story as only they can. It is a component of the social media arm of “Knowledge Powers Wisconsin,” the campaign that highlights how the UW System powers economic growth in Wisconsin, improving the state’s competitive edge by leveraging human capital, supporting business and industry and strengthening local communities.

The Twitter campaign began in February, with UW-Green Bay senior Nellie Schafer taking the reins during its second week. Schafer earned a reputation as a prolific, entertaining and informative guest-tweeter during her stint, using photos, videos, personal observations and more to bring the story of UW-Green Bay to an ever-increasing number of followers. UW System’s David Giroux praised UW-Green Bay’s efforts to embrace social media.

“UW-Green Bay already does a fantastic job of sustaining a strong presence on social media, so it’s only natural that @UWpowersMe should feature Chancellor Harden’s distinct voice. We’ve created a unique ‘curated’ account that tells the UW story using many voices. Students bring their own unique perspectives about their current experiences. Alumni demonstrate how their UW education is paying off. Chancellor Harden has the opportunity to show us, from a leadership perspective, how UW-Green Bay is strengthening the region in many ways.”

Visit UW Powers Me to see tweets and follow the account. For more information on Knowledge Powers Wisconsin.

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