UW-Green Bay student to serve as voice of statewide Twitter account, Feb. 18-25

UW-Green Bay senior Nellie Schafer soon will become the second-ever student guest voice of the UW System’s “Knowledge Powers Wisconsin” campaign, taking her turn on the @UWpowersMe Twitter account Feb. 18-25.

Nellie Schafer

Schafer, an education major from Wichita, Kan., was selected by UW System because of her multifaceted campus involvement and enthusiasm for UW-Green Bay and the UW System. Her @UWpowersMe tweets will detail her UW experience, giving followers a real-life look at the difference a UW System education can make.

And Schafer should have plenty to tweet about. She’s a UW-Green Bay Student Ambassador, one of about three-dozen students offering a critical first line of contact for new students through programs such as Registration and Resources (R&R) and Orientation. She’s the manager for UW-Green Bay’s perennially successful Phoenix women’s basketball team, traveling with the squad to past appearances at the NCAA Tournament, among others. Schafer also is a summer campus tour guide, an honor society member and a volunteer community basketball coach, among other roles. This fall, she was named “Miss Phoenix,” earning the title through Zeta Omega Tau Sorority’s annual charity fundraising event.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent our campus and community for a week on the @UWpowersMe Twitter account,” Schafer said. “Students are thriving at UW-Green Bay, with a host of accessible resources ranging from our faculty and staff, to clubs, to the community of Green Bay itself. This will be a great outlet for me — and for this campus — to share the awesome impact of a UW System education.”

The @UWpowersMe Twitter account allows students, faculty, alumni — even chancellors — the opportunity to take control for one week, telling their UW story as only they can. It is a component of the social media arm of “Knowledge Powers Wisconsin,” the campaign that highlights how the UW System powers economic growth in Wisconsin, improving the state’s competitive edge by leveraging human capital, supporting business and industry and strengthening local communities. The @UWpowersMe Twitter account’s first guest tweeter, UW-Platteville sophomore Jamie Procarione, kicked things off Feb. 11-18.

“The @UWpowersMe account is brand new, but the early response has been very positive,” said UW System spokesman David F. Giroux. “We’re creating a new public space for diverse UW voices. Students can share stories about their educational experiences. Faculty members can talk about their rewarding careers as educators and scientists. Alumni can illustrate how UW helped prepare them for successful careers. We’re excited to have UW-Green Bay lend its voices to this fun, creative effort.”

To see UWpowersMe tweets and follow the account. For more information on Knowledge Powers Wisconsin.


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