Video: Council of Trustees congratulate UW-Green Bay for 10K Student Enrollment!

UW-Green Bay is the fastest-growing university in the state, leading all UW schools in enrollment growth this fall. UW-Green Bay has 10,338 students now making it the third largest regional comprehensive in Wisconsin. (Citing Fall 2023 enrollment data)

Transcript: Happy holidays! I’m Dr. Tina Sauerhammer, plastic surgeon and founder of Wisconsin Institute of Plastic Surgery, UWGB Alum class of 1999 and chairman of the Council of Trustees. I wanted to take this moment to congratulate all of you on reaching an enrollment of 10,000 students. And now being the third largest comprehensive the UW system this is just another example of the amazing things that all of you can accomplish. Congratulations once again and Go Phoenix! Hi this is Mark Murphy, president of the Green Bay Packers, also a member of the UWGB Council of Trustees. Just want to say congratulations and thanks to everybody affiliated with UWGB for going over 10,000 enrollment. Great job! Hey everybody, Mayor Eric Genrich here, just wanted to pass along a quick note of congratulations on surpassing this incredible enrollment Milestone. So appreciative of all the work that’s being done every single day on the part of faculty and staff for our community. My name is Dr. Claude Tiller, Jr and I’m the Green Bay Area Public School District superintendent. On behalf of our District, Board of Education, I would like to congratulate the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay team for reaching a Monumental milestone for your enrollment of 10,388. Great job!

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