Open for Business: UW-Green Bay Psychology launches Virtual Psychology Museum

Psychology Virtual Museum Screenshot

Virtual Psychology Museum

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay psychology launched a Virtual Psychology Museum (Dec. 8) , constructed through the efforts of students Annie Jones, Allee Schramm, and Annemarie Schwery, and Kate Farley (Academic Technology Services and Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning), Luke Konkol (Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning) and Prof. Ryan Martin.

“We think of it as a virtual space to play and learn about different areas of psychology,” said Prof. Martin. “It currently has exhibits in social psychology, clinical/counseling psychology, neuropsychology, and careers in psychology, with plans to expand into other areas in the future. It includes original content (videos, quizzes, podcasts, and more) and content pulled from other online sources.”

The site will be useful for teachers of introductory psychology, says Martin, whether in high school or college, as it includes references to many of the famous studies and figures students learn about when they first start studying psychology. The project is part of a number of larger initiatives to engage psychology students and teachers throughout the high schools in the region.

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