Stars in the making: Prof. Martin’s family promotes Phoenix Friday

Even in a pandemic, if you are a member of the Phoenix Family, every Friday can still be a Phoenix Friday. Throw on your Phoenix gear and celebrate your colleagues and community. CAHSS Associate Dean Ryan Martin’s sons, Rhys (10) and Tobin (9) show us how it is done! These budding social media stars work with their dad to create a video nearly weekly to celebrate Phoenix Friday.

“Early on in quarantine, I started doing some fun video projects with my kids, mainly to create some fun learning experiences for them and to give people something to watch. See the Martin household version of Tangled and The Rear Window. We had a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy them so we decided to keep it going with a Phoenix Friday series. We hope it injects a little bit of happiness into a tough semester.”

Watch the latest Phoenix Friday video.

See one of the Martin’s blast from the past and a Phoenix Friday video featuring Prof. Martin as a co-star.

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