Pattern and Perimeter: Chalk art on the plaza

It’s an assignment that teaches a lesson in relationship between harmonious and congruous visual elements. And the pleasurable patterns are fun and aesthetically appealing to those who walk the Student Services plaza each day. Prof. Alison Stehlik’s Design Methods class took chalk to the plaza this week. The assignment: “As a group, collect some examples of interesting wallpaper or some other sort of repeating visual pattern. As a group, discuss the visual characteristics of each selected pattern. In particular discuss the associations, stereotypes, and experiences that you have with them. Choose one pattern to use as a reference for a large-scale drawing to be reproduced in the student union plaza. Utilize an analogous color scheme, and a perimeter design that contrasts from your associations and visual expectations of the design/pattern. As a group problem solve to determine the best way to enlarge and transfer the drawing onto the concrete in the plaza. Your group’s site must be agreed upon before you begin; it must be at least 15 ft. from any entrance, it must be on gray/white cement pads not the decorative terra cotta slabs. Your design must anchor to some architectural element within the space.”

Social media specialist Jena Richter captured the artists in progress. Take a walk and see it for yourself before rain, dew or frost washes it away.

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Creating art on the plaza, October 1, 2015

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