UW-Green Bay alumna presented with first UW-Green Bay Entrepreneurship Program Alumni Award

Ebanie Schmidt ‘19 (Art) was presented with the first UW-Green Bay Entrepreneurship Program Alumni Award when she spoke to the Entrepreneurial Finance class on Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. Schmidt spoke about her business, Ebanie & Ivorie LLC, her latest work, her part-time jobs as she builds her business, what she learned in the UW-Green Bay entrepreneurship program, and about her latest venture, PIVOTAL.

The UW-Green Bay Entrepreneurship Program Alumni Award was established in 2019 as a match award for UW-Green Bay alumni who have earned an emphasis/concentration, major, minor, or certificate in entrepreneurship and are furthering their entrepreneurship education via conferences, certifications, and the like to further their businesses. Schmidt’s business, Ebanie and Ivorie LLC, is a made-to-order natural fibers custom clothing business that also offers classes in sewing, dyeing, knitting and crocheting. Schmidt will be using the award to attend the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals 2019 Annual Educational Conference in Milwaukee, Oct. 17-20.

Pictured is Schmidt in attire with her company logo, UW-Green Bay entrepreneurship lecturer Ryan Kauth (right), and UW-Green Bay Entrepreneurship and Human Development student Carol Brehmer reading the award citation. Brehmer is a student in the Entrepreneurial Finance class and is Schmidt’s partner in their venture PIVOTAL.

Photo credit Kayla Lilly Photography (UW-Green Bay entrepreneurship student Kayla Wendland).


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