Nomination open for University Leadership Awards

The online nomination process for the 40th Annual University Leadership Awards program (Chancellor’s Medallion and University Leadership Award) is now open!  The process is secure and will have the most current information available.

The University Leadership Awards honor students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership on campus and in the community, in addition to academic excellence. Currently, only students enrolled at the Green Bay Campus are eligible for these awards. Each of our branch campuses administers a unique awards process and ceremony; for more information, contact your Solution Center staff.

Below you will see the nomination instructions. These instructions are also on the nomination webpage to review when you are ready to nominate.

  • Review the award nomination criteria on the University Leadership Awards Website.
  • Step 1: Click on Nominations and log in using your campus log in credentials. Find a student to nominate by searching for his/her name or by viewing a list of potential graduates; add the student and award nomination to your nomination list
  • Step 2: Review your nomination list
  • Step 3: Submit your nomination list
  • You will receive an email confirmation upon completion
  • Important: Your nominations will not be submitted or saved until you complete step 3.
  • You will be timed-out after several hours of inactivity and your unsaved nomination list will be emptied. Please complete all your nominations in a single session.
  • Nominations can only be submitted one time. After you complete your nominations, any additional nominations will need to be sent via email to

To access the nomination site, you can find it on the Student Life website, click on Events, then University Leadership Awards then click on Nominations, or by clicking on the direct link

The nomination deadline is Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020 at 11:59pm. 


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