UW-Green Bay’s transition to online learning helped student Taylor Schreiber feel more confident about virtual learning

Although UW-Green Bay is intending to be open in fall and welcoming faculty, staff and students back on campus, some classes originally scheduled for in-person instruction will be moving online or having online aspects to them for the safety of the UW-Green Bay community. Current UW-Green Bay students who transitioned to online learning in Spring 2020 demonstrated that they are resilient problem-solvers and describe their experiences while providing some advice to future students…

Taylor Schreiber is an Education major entering her junior year.

Education student, Taylor Schreiber wearing a UW-Green Bay sweatshirt

Taylor Schreiber

“Nothing can replace walking to your first class of the semester after an exciting time of just moving in for the fall or starting your college experience, but amongst the current situation, UW-Green Bay faculty and staff are working to support students in the best way possible. While on campus, I thought I already used my email too often, but as everything shifted to online, this became even more important. Professors were very responsive, accommodating, and understanding when it came to class work, exam schedules and any other questions I had via email. Through lecture videos and screen recording, I was able to learn the necessary information in my classes. My professors also included ungraded quizzes, created questions boards and used other tools to assure students’ understanding of the material. When necessary, professors would hold class meeting times to catch up and clarify class content. Most would even host optional office hours via video conferencing! Of course it was nice working on papers and quizzes in sweatpants after rolling right out of bed, but I also found it extremely helpful to stick to a schedule and daily routine. This helped me stay organized and maintain motivation!

As an Education major, I will always prefer being in class with peers and professors because in-person discussion and interactive class work can never be replaced. However, UW-Green Bay’s ease while transitioning to online class work made me feel much more confident as I was adjusting the way I learn.”

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