Summer Solstice runners log 70, 80 miles on Arboretum trails… IN ONE DAY!

The Green Bay Running Club welcomed 96 ultra-marathoners for the club’s annual “Summer Solstice Challenge” last Saturday, June 28. The event invites hard-core runners to maximize one of the longest days of the year by going sun-up to sun-down for up to 15.5 hours of daylight. The club holds the event on the UW-Green Bay campus including the trails of the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum, with campus volunteers such as Mike Kline, Kelly Franz and Lee Reinke and his crew at Shorewood Golf Course, as well as Athletics trainer Callie Bartel, helping with arrangements. Top distances in the respective divisions:

15.5 Hour Run
Male: Ryan Norton – 80.75 miles
Female: Jen Binns – 72.15 miles

8 Hour
Male: Brady Sturm – 47.5 miles
Female: Christine Crawford – 43.65 miles

6 Hour
Male: Mike Cavanaugh – 35.85 miles
Female: Lynne Moore – 34.15 miles

For those interested in more modest distances, the Green Bay Running Club will return to campus for one of its periodic “fun runs” at 6 p.m. Tuesday (July 8), with participants gathering in the Shorewood Golf Course parking lot for a 5-mile outing. Open to all.

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