For future reference: A guide to assisting students via ‘Campus Cupboard’

The UWGB Campus Cupboard provides food, personal items and clothing to all UW-Green Bay students who request assistance either in person via:
1) going to the Campus Cupboard website and filling out a request for items at:; 2) stopping in at the Pride Center at UU 153 and talking with an intern or Stacie; 3) e-mailing Stacie Christian at; or 4) asking for assistance from any Student Services Director or the Dean of Students.

In addition, employees within Student Life and the American Intercultural Center can assist with the Campus Cupboard if the Pride Center is not open due to limited summer hours. Students can stop by in front of the old Erberts and Gerberts location on the first floor of the University Union to pick up some food that is placed on a table with information on how to access the Campus Cupboard. The service is offered to help students in need to concentrate on their coursework, and worry less about seeking food or other items during the summer or annual academic school year if their finances are limited. If you are aware of any UWGB student who might be interested in using this Cupboard, place provide them with this information, or refer them to Stacie Christian at

Current needs listed
 – At this time, donations of toilet paper and fruit juices are needed. Donations may be dropped off at the Pride Center, or can be picked up at your work location if you contact Stacie via e-mail. Thank you for all of the support from so many employees and departments! Over 20 students were served last semester with food alone.

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