Alumnus Charlie Smith tells about his entrepreneurial goals

The Log highlighted alumnus Charlie Smith ’17 (Business Administration) in May, when he received an entrepreneurial award. The Green Bay Press-Gazette featured more about his career path and how UW-Green Bay and lecturer Ryan Kauth influenced him and helped his business, Pilotsmith, Inc., thrive. Here’s a few excerpts. The rest can be found in the print edition:

“Having the ability to know that you don’t know everything is a trait that defines most successful entrepreneurs. It is certainly one that can be attributed to Charlie Smith of Green Bay, owner of Pilotsmith, Inc. Smith started his first business at age 13, but even with that early experience was driven to learn more about entrepreneurship, and several decades later, to complete a business degree at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.”

“He credits the classes he took at UW-Green Bay with giving him the business knowledge he lacked in his earliest venture. “I couldn’t have accomplished all the things I did without those classes,” Smith said. “They taught me how to be a business person. Previously, I was an introvert; not very social. I learned how to talk to people and how to motivate them.”

He took an independent study class with Ryan Kauth, business educator and also a Green Bay SCORE volunteer, and Lucy Arendt in 2015, and said he learned how to develop his business model. He also benefited from a mentorship relationship with Dan Pamperin, president of Titletown Oil Corp. in Green Bay. Pamperin still meets with him regularly and Smith says he is a sounding board and always willing to share his expertise.”

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