‘We gave a lot of shots. We gave a lot of hope’ …COVID-19 vaccination clinic at UW-Green Bay ends

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Prevea Health closed down its large-scale, COVID-19 community vaccination operations at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on Tuesday, June 15.”The need for a large, massive vaccination site has gone down thanks to everybody coming in,” said Dr. Ashok Rai, President and CEO, Prevea Health.

“Over 94,000 vaccination shots were delivered here. Of all the Prevea sites, we’ve given about 200,000 across the state, so almost half of all the vaccinations with Prevea happened right here at the UWGB campus.”

Since Dec. 16, 2020, Prevea has administered more than 200,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine statewide. The UWGB Clinic opened on Jan. 18 inside Kress Events Center.

“The Kress Center was the ultimate location for this,” Rai said. “We were able to vaccinate 220 people an hour when we were running at our full capacity through the Kress Center which is just incredible.

“The response to those who have been vaccinated has been positive, Rai said. “I’ve sat in there and seen people cry as they are FaceTiming their grandchildren knowing that they’ll finally be able to see them and hug them,” he said. “All hearing the different stories. We gave a lot of shots, but I think we also gave a lot of hope over that time.”

Source: COVID-19 vaccination clinic at UW-Green Bay ends after five month stint

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