UW-Green Bay students can intern at the Winter 2022 Olympics in China

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are coming up soon and UWGB wants to be part of it!  UWGB has a unique opportunity for students in all study areas to volunteer at the games and receive internship credit for their experience. The OIE has been working with Associate Dean Rasoul Rezvanian (Cofrin School of Business) on an amazing opportunity for students. Through his connections in China, we are able to offer UWGB students the chance to be volunteers at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and earn internship credit!  Students would arrive in January for training and stay through March.  They can work with their academic advisors at UWGB to finalize details of internship requirements, based on volunteer options in China.

We are soliciting student interest at this time and will follow up with interested students on final cost, volunteer options, the application process, and other details.

Interested students can send questions and a CV/resume that emphasizes volunteer experience to the OIE (oie@uwgb.edu) by June 23.

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