Commencement and UWGB Kudos from a Parent of a Recent Graduate

A parent of a Spring 2021 graduate took the time to write a note about her “fantastic experience” with UW-Green Bay’s Spring 2021 Commencement Celebration:

“I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge all of the great people at UWGB for making my son’s commencement experience a fantastic one!  We enjoyed it SO much. I cannot even begin to tell you what I loved.  The whole experience was very well done.  As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it more than the traditional graduation.

Here’s a few specifics of what we enjoyed:

– First off, the Chancellor shook my son’s hand, laughed and chatted a bit.  It was much more personal than a name on a stage, with the next immediately called after.  They both had huge smiles.  I thank him so much for making each graduate feel special, I cannot even imagine how long he was out there!  It was noticed and appreciated.

– Our time was 1-1:30, and we arrived, right about 1.  We were told we would be waiting an hour.  And that was OK with me.  I was with my son and daughter in our car.  We played music and sang!  Graduates started honking their horns, cars were decorated, graduates were in trunks, backs of mini van’s, out of sun roofs!  It was festive and fun.

– UWGB staff and faculty greeted us, welcomed us and cheered.

– Signs were noticed across campus and a nice touch.

– We were surprised with each a cookie.

– And of course, our pictures.  Nice personal touch.  And we took more pictures around campus after.

I got to spend all of the time at commencement with my graduating son.  We weren’t separated, and that to me was priceless.

Well, the entire college experience was a good one for him, he really came out of his shell.

Thank you UWGB faculty and staff for all that you do for college students.

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